The mobility industry is undergoing significant transformation towards a more digital, innovative and sustainable future. This shift is occurring conjointly to disruptions in consumption patterns and sourcing issues.

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Due to the rise of smart cities, consumers are seeking  greater mobility and flexibility, with a demand of  minimizing congestion and expand their transport modes. Brands leading this change aim to showcase a future-centered and spatial image and solutions, whilst remaining approachable and accessible.



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  1. New mobility is not only changing the way we get around, but also the way we live. There is an anticipated evolution of the traditional car user towards alternative mobility paths in the next decade. A shift that requires brands to adapt to the needs and aspirations of an increasingly demanding, independent and engaged public.
  2. A new user profile is emerging in cities, the multimodal urbanite, whose main concern is to protect their lifestyle and personal needs, prioritizing things like saving time.
  3. Brands that aim to lead in this sector, must reflect a vision that goes beyond sustainability and efficiency. Transparency, trust, and humanistic values are key to a holistic positioning.
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The mobility industry requires careful and efficient design, to communicate the fine line between aesthetics and practical functionality. Consumer expectations delimit both spheres to display more quality and consideration as improved performance, safety and user satisfaction mature into central selling points.